Top Five Ways To Trim Cocktail Calories

6 Jan

1. Substitute soda or tonic for water or club soda

A tonic or soda can have more than 150 calories, swap with water or club soda for a 0 calorie mixer.

2. Lighten up with fresh fruit

Combine a low calorie spirit like vodka or gin with ice and fresh fruit

3. Lower the proof, lower the calories

A 1.5 oz pour of 80 proof vodka has less than 100 calories, while a 1.5 oz. pour of Bacardi 151 rum has nearly 200.

4. Skip the sugar

Avoid high sugar cocktails like mudslides and margaritas

5. Cut the cream

Some chocolate martinis can pack in 400 calories, and Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur has almost 150 calories in one 1.5 oz serving. Skip the cream and try skim milk, or use a vodka with a stronger chocolate flavor instead of using chocolate syrup.