Sushi Mary $8 Pepper-Infused Bloody Mary $6
A Mary served with ginger, wasabi and soy sauce Made with our popular 4-pepper, sun-dried tomato
on the side and garnished with a shrimp.
infused vodka.
Madroska (Russian Madras) $5 Sputnik One $8
Vodka with cranberry, OJ and apple juice. Hangar One vodka with sprite and apple juice.
DR-Mora $7 Leninade $7
Vodka, apple juice, OJ, Chambord and Ketel Citroen, sprite, grenadine, simple syrup and
a layer of champagne.
sour (courtesy of Pravda Vodka Bar, NYC)
Neopolitan $6 Pulp Fiction $8
Vodka, simple syrup, cream with a Chambord float. Apple vodka, apple pucker and lemonade.
Chernobyl $7 Romanoff Bellini $8
Stoli 100, splash of Apple Pucker and filled with Zone Peach vodka, peach puree and blended with
white cranberry juice.
The "Nice" Special $15
A dirty Ketel up martini, bottle of budweiser, either
a shot of Grand Marnier or Jagermiester and
one Marlboro Red cigarette.
* Please note that we have a large selection of other fine spirits, liqueurs, wine and beer.
VODKA SORBETS (from ELITE DESSERTS) Enjoy a buzz with your dessert.
The Greyhound Sorbet $5 Napa Citrus $5
Incredible fresh grapefruit taste. Fresh grape juice married with citrus vodka
INFUSED VODKAS Have it neat, chilled, on the rocks or with your favorite mixer.
Cranberry $5 4-Pepper and Sun Dried Tomato $5
Infusion of the Week $5
VODKA FLIGHTS Four 2 ounce vodka shots served in our custom ice flight.
The Bolshevik Flight: Svedka, Taaka, Rikaloff, Danzka $23
The Romanoff Flight: Citadelle, Effen, Level, Pearl $30
The American Flight: Hanger One, Rain, Tito's, Domaine Charbay $28
Flight of the Month: (Ask your server for current selection and price.)
Substitutions only for the same brand (Hangar One Kaffirlime for Hangar One for example)