One of The First Fusion Towers in The Country

23 Jan

Sub Zero Vodka Bar Installs One of The First Fusion Tower Beer Infusing Tap Systems in The Country

System infuses beer with fresh flavors that is served below 32 degrees.

Sub Zero Vodka Bar now has one of the first Fusion Tower beer infusing tap systems in the country. The system infuses the coldest tap beer with a selected fruit, spice, or other flavoring. A second system is planned for installation at Gamlin Whiskey House.”We were one of the first to offer infused vodkas, and now we have expanded this to include beer as well. This new system allows us to create freshly infused flavors of Goose Island beer every day,” says Gamlin Restaurant Group Proprietor Derek Gamlin. Recent favorites include pink grapefruit IPA, orange and coffee bean Festivity Ale, orange-cranberry ginger Honkers Ale and Sub Zero Spice Ten Hills Pale Ale.

With the fusion tower system the infusion ingredients are placed in a glass chamber, which is then hooked to the beer keg system. The ingredients are then pressurized with the beer, and ready to serve.

“The result is a refreshing, full flavored infused beer that is served below 32-degrees to allow for the best taste,” says Gamlin.

The system holds 150 fluid ounces of beer at once, and can dispense an average of 72 infused beers per hour.