Sub Zero Vodka Bar Owner Derek Gamlin Helps Select Finalists for USA Today Craft Vodka Poll

18 Aug

With more than a decade in the vodka business, Sub Zero Vodka Bar owner Derek Gamlin knows a thing or two about the spirit!

Derek has recently been selected by USA Today as a panelist in the publication’s ongoing Readers’ Choice poll to find the country’s favorite craft vodka distillery.

Writes USA Today: “(Vodka) has become one of the world’s most popular spirits, with distilleries competing for the smoothest, clearest and oftentimes most flavorless rendition.

“Modern American craft distilleries have begun to recognize the spirit’s potential by making it with high-quality ingredients (not just potatoes either) and minimal distillation, allowing the natural flavors to shine through. Flavor differences are still subtle, making variations in texture and mouth-feel equally important.”

Craft vodka distillers often work in small batches using locally sourced ingredients and produced using a blend of traditional and modern distillation techniques.

“The production of craft vodka is truly a craft,” Derek says. “When you begin to realize all the work, all the innovation that goes into creating vodka, you begin to appreciate it so much more.”

Readers can vote for their favorite craft vodka distillery through Sept. 12. Click here to see the 20 nominees and to cast your vote.