Celebrate World Sake Day at Sub Zero Vodka Bar

30 Sep

Wednesday, Oct. 1 is World Sake Day. Join us at Sub Zero Vodka Bar to celebrate with a free small kraft of sake with a $20 purchase.

Did you know?
  1. Sake is fermented from rice and has a similar alcohol content to beer and wine.
  2. Rice has Vitamin E, which impacts the circulatory system. This means you may feel the effects of sake faster than with other cocktails.
  3. Junmai Daigingo is the highest grade of sake, with a minimum of 50% of the rice milled away. Sub Zero Vodka Bar offers Kirin-Zan, which is a Junmai Daigingo grade sake.
  4. Sub Zero Vodka Bar only offers sake from the Niigata region. All of the water used to make sake from here is from snow melt, giving the sake a soft crispness.