The menu at Sub Zero Vodka Bar, a product of the inspiration and creativity of brothers Derek and Lucas Gamlin, is the perfect combination of exceptional sushi, flavorful and juicy burgers, and an award-winning, extensive drink list.  We have a variety of fresh fish delivered daily, and our sushi is available until last call.  Our fresh burgers, made with high-quality, hand-ground meat, include American Kobe beef, Grass-fed beef, Black Angus beef, lamb and bison.  We offer vegetarian selections, too, such as the succulent Southwest Veggie burger.

While the Gamlins have created a world-class menu, the brothers have worked to build a world-class drink list.  Sub Zero Vodka Bar officially has the largest selection of vodka in the country.  We are also award-winning and nationally recognized.  We are honored to be recognized by St. Louis Magazine as the winner of “A-List Best Burger” and “A-List Best Bar.”  The restaurant is a can’t-miss destination for celebrities coming through St. Louis—we’ve clinked glasses with Dan Akroyd, George Clooney, and fellow spirit-maker Sammy Hagar.